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Investigate the capital of Slovenia and enjoy daily trip in Ljubljana, green pearl of Europe

A vibrant city is a wonderful holiday destination

The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, is nestled in the basin of the Ljubljanica River at the point where the river meets the Sava River. This central European city is situated between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. Ljubljana is a wonderful mix of relaxed small-town friendliness and ultra-modern facilities and has often been regarded as a city that is replete with surprises. This vibrant city is a wonderful holiday destination due to its natural beauty and rich culture which bears testimony to the city's fascinating history. It is also renowned for its walking, hiking and bicycle trails, as well as a varied choice of culinary delicacies. With so many wonderful things to see & do in Ljubljana you will be spoilt for choice.

Owing to a student population of over 50,000, the first aspect of Ljubljana that a visitor notices is its very vibrant and youthful atmosphere. The city is a major educational hub and also attracts many scientists and researchers due to the high standards of the university and other educational institutions. All round the year, the city is constantly bustling with art-related events and activities ranging from small-scale street theatres, classical musical recitals, grand opera performances and, of course, the Ljubljana Summer Festival. Ljubljana has many theatre venues that showcase a wide range of performances. Language is not a barrier given the high quality of acting and vivid productions. There is never a dull moment in the city. At any given point in time, you can partake of classical, alternative, jazz or world music in one of the numerous venues.

There is a lively nightclub scene that features some of the hottest acts and DJs. There are also more than 30 museums and art galleries, a dozen theatres, a hip art-house cinema and an international film festival for those who prefer to experience art in a more sedate manner. Book your Ljubljana hotel near in the city centre to be near the excitement of the youthful atmosphere of Ljubljana. The Trnfest Festival, which began 16 years ago, attracts thousands of visitors every year with a choice of entertainment and festivities under the magical night sky. Over the years, the course of the festival has reduced, but the events have increased and the entertainment avenues widened. Locals and tourists alike take part enthusiastically in the revelry that lasts until 10 pm between the months of June and September. The Trnfest Festival is a chance to experience Slovenian street culture at its best.

Ljubljana is undoubtedly a city that is rich in culture. With numerous theatres, museums and galleries, including one of the oldest philharmonic orchestras in the world, art and culture is a way of life for the people of Ljubljana. Take yourself on a self guided tour or join one of the great Ljubljana tours available through us to see the best of this beautiful city.

Ljubljana attracts many famous artists from all over the world owing to its creative atmosphere. In fact, economists and international experts also frequent Ljubljana for international conferences and fairs, which are hosted regularly. Ljubljana has a great infrastructure in place to accommodate its many visitors from around the world including many Ljubljana hotels, a good transport system and many great restaurants.

The dragon has been the symbol of this city since ancient times. The legend behind it is that when Jason and his fellow Argonauts were fleeing after stealing the Golden Fleece from the Colchian king, they found a big lake surrounded by a marsh between present-day Vrhnika and Ljubljana. This marsh was the home of a fierce dragon, and Jason eventually fought and slew it. As a result, the dragon became a symbol of Ljubljana, which was the city that sprung up around the marsh. Even today, the symbol of the dragon can be seen in the Ljubljana coat of arms.

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