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Bled is popular amongst tourists around the world

Bled is the fascinating village of Slovenia popular amongst tourists around the world for the stunning nature and surroundings. You'll no doubt enjoy your time visiting Bled and the surrounding country side of Slovenia.

The sights of Bled are almost dreamlike - the beautiful church set on the island, the dramatic Julian Alps circling the area, a clear blue-green lake that looks like a jewel in the landscape, imposing Bled Castle set high up - it's easy to be captivated and hard to tear yourself away. There's just one island in all of Slovenia but its splendour and breathtaking sights are enough to rival any large archipelagos! Protected by beautiful mountains and with an island set in the midst of a clear, green Alpine lake, Bled is a town that has captivated travellers for centuries and kept visitors coming back - again and again.

Bled has been in existence for over a thousand years and is most famous for its island church of St Mary. The church was once the site of a place of worship of the ancient Slav goddess of fertility and love - Ziva.

Bled is a great place to explore the rest of Slovenia from. When you're done exploring the many exciting things to see and do in Bled itself, head out to the countryside where you'll be able to experience even more of the cultural and natural history of the region. Adrenaline junkies will get their thrills through a slew of Bled tours and activities including canyoning, climbing, paragliding, rafting, ballooning and trekking.

For a round of golf, Bled does not disappoint. Its beautiful courses are believed to be among Europe's finest and Bled itself is considered the centre of golfing in Slovenia.

The romance of the town is contagious and makes it a wonderful destination for couples and, indeed, for all romantics. Bled hotels offer some of the most picturesque views, book yours today! When you're in Bled, side trips to the Triglav National Park can add a new dimension to your vacation. Turn up the pace on your vacation with adventure sports like mountain biking, hiking, rafting, skiing and swimming. When you're ready to relax head to the state-of-the-art wellness centres to be pampered. With so many great activities and tours in Bled to be enjoyed you will be spoilt for choice. For a touch of local lore, find out about the stories surrounding the church from a local and let your imagination take flight.

There's plenty of history that surrounds the Church of Assumption, Bled's most famous landmark. This island church has within its walls a wishing bell that dates back to 1534. The 99 steps that lead into the church are said to have special significance for newly married couples - if the groom manages to make it up all 99 carrying his bride, the couple can then ring the bell and will be blessed with a happy life. A convenient way to reach the island is by a boat known as the Pletna. This old fashioned little covered boat can take you to the island to explore. If you'd like a joy ride around the lake and up to Bled Castle and beyond then you may want to consider hiring the services of coachmen known locally as fijakarji. Other places worth seeing are the golf course, the Pokljuka Mountain, the Šobec Camp and Vintgar Gorge.

The capital Ljubljana can be reached easily from Bled and makes a wonderful day trip. While in Ljubljana you can explore the architectural sights, monuments and lovely squares. Round off your trip with some time at the vibrant cafes and bars. Bled is also famous as a resort town in winter, with skiing taking centre stage. The pace here is relaxed and there are plenty of entertainment options, including a bowling alley, an ice skating rink, a cinema and even a casino. You could even take a horse carriage ride or go tobogganing. There are many Bled hotels to choose from to accommodate your needs all year round. The town blends art nouveau, baroque and medieval architectural styles, giving some travellers the feeling that they might be in a miniature Prague!

To indulge the gourmet in you head to one of the great Bled restaurants to feast on the local langoustines that are the size of small lobsters! The sea bass cooked in sea salt is also highly recommended. Order a bottle of pear brandy to complete the meal or try some local chardonnay.

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